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Who is Professor Nabijon Abdullaev?

The late Professor Nabijon Abdullaev is an educationist who was a keen advocate in the development of modern science, culture and arts of Tajikistan. He had been successful in promoting the revival of the old traditional musical instruments of Tajikistan, and to create awareness among the younger generation that it was through music, that the history of Tajikistan with the rest of Central Asia can be traced.

What drives the establishment of the Foundation?

During his lifetime, Professor Nabijon Abdullaev devoted himself wholeheartedly to raise the standard of education in his country. He fully understood the importance of education, and that it was only through the society that is imbued with knowledge, that can help raise the social, political and economic stature of his country. Such devotion drove his surviving wife, children and friends to establish the Foundation, to honor and keep alive the aspirations of the late Professor Nabijon Abdullaev.

When was the Foundation established?

The Foundation was established on January 2004 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Where is the Foundation based?

The Foundation is based in Khujand, Tajikstan with operational office Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How is the Foundation funded?

The Foundation acquires its funds from public / corporate donations and contributions.

Is the Foundation considered an NGO?

The Foundation is an NGO.

How can my company make contribution to the Foundation to support its Educational Grant Project?

By accessing the website

How does the Foundation report on its business practices?

All business activities are closely monitored and approved by the Board of Governors. An internal audit system is established to audit all monetary transactions, and the end of year report presented to the Board for confirmation. The review of the Yearly Report is available for parties participating and contributing to Educational Grant Project.

What does the Foundation do with contributions?

The Foundation has a set of objectives in the area of education. Based on the objectives, a number of projects and work targets are identified. Each project/work target has a cost factor attached to it and are given priorities. The Board of Governors then decides on the project/work target and quantum of contribution to be provided.

How does the Foundation ensure that donor intent is followed?

Donors are at liberty to decide on how and for what purposes the contribution is to be utilized. The objectives of the Foundation form the basis for which contributions are disbursed. The Foundation makes available a yearly report where a statement of account and contribution spending is reflected.

Are contributions to the Foundation tax-deductible?

Being a non-profitable organization, all monies made in the name of the Foundation are tax-deductible.

What portion of the donation will be spent on administrative costs to run the Foundation?

It will depend on the total donations received. At the beginning stage at estimated 5% to 8 % will be utilized for running the Foundation.


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