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Who can apply for the grant?

As stipulated in the Foundation's Objectives, any one regardless of gender, citizenship is eligible to apply for the Grant.

What is the size of the grant?

There is no predetermined amount. The quantum will depend on the nature of studies and the capacity of parental financial support for the student.

Can I recommend any potential recipient of the grant?

Yes, but there is a qualifying standard to be met.

How can I make recommendation of a potential recipient?

Recommendations can be submitted by a formal letter addressed to IFNA

B-10-4, Megan Phileo Promenade,
189 Jln. Tun Razak, 50400
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


134-1, Khujandi Street,
735700 Khujand, Sugd Region
Tajikistan or email to info@ifna.online.com.

What kind of education can I get in Malaysia?

There are various courses available in Malaysia. A course of study can take the form of short courses to tertiary level courses. Potential students are advised to seek further information at IFNA.

Does the grant limit my choice of tertiary education provider?

A grant is provided on one-time basis. This would mean that a student has to decide on the nature of studies. The size of the grant will then be calculated based on the nature of study. The Foundation is not obliged to offer or provide any additional grant for a unilateral change of studies made by a student. However, should a student complete a course of study successfully, he or she may request for an additional grant to further pursue his or her studies to a higher level.

What courses can I apply under the Educational Grant Project?

The Foundation does not limit the nature of courses that one can apply. However, an applicant will need to know the nature of courses available, before he decides to apply. It must also be borne in mind that the cost will vary with the courses.

Do I start to pay the Foundation once I start working?

The Foundation is silent on the question of recipients having to pay back monies disbursed to them for their studies. However, recipients can make contributions as a mark of appreciation to the Foundation. This contribution in turn will be utilized to help others in need of a grant.

Do I need to attend seminar/bridging course before I start my study in Malaysia?

There will certainly be a requirement to undergo a short orientation course conducted by the Foundation before a successful recipient is send to Malaysia. The duration of the course will not exceed 7 days.

Will I be provided with accommodation under the EGP?

The Foundation will assist to find accommodation for students. However, the costs will have to be borne by students themselves. It is therefore important for students to understand their own financial capacity to support them for their administrative needs. Basically, the grants provided will only cover the tuition cost.

Why the Foundation chooses Malaysia?

There are several reasons why Malaysia is chosen as a place of study, some of which are given below:

  1. Internationally Recognized Tertiary Education Standards
  2. Affordable cost of study and living.
  3. Wide range of courses offered by variety of colleges.
  4. Variety of different cuisines.
  5. English as the medium of study.
  6. Conservative society that is friendly, safe and easily adjustable.
  7. Good infrastructure, safe, clean and conducive environment for study.
  8. Excellent twinning programs with reputable foreign universities.


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