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Our Activities

The activities are mainly centered on the humanitarian, cultural and social oriented programs and projects. The aim of such activities is to generate awareness among the participants of their roles and responsibilities towards the well being of their country, and in the country's desire to meet the demands and challenges of a modern society.

The activities undertaken by IFNA are as follows:

  • Information exchange programs involving telecommunication, mass media and electronic media, radio and TV network
  • Legal consultation and medical assistance
  • Conducting scientific research programs
  • Publications
  • Organizing and conducting symposiums, conferences and seminars
  • Organizing programs related to the perpetuation of the national arts and culture
  • Programs related to broadening the scope and opportunities in education
  • Investment support programs in various humanitarian projects

As a newly independent state that honor individual rights and freedom,  IFNA plays a role in educating and assisting its people on the following issues:

  • Issues relating to public health.
  • Issues concerning civil liberties and rights.
  • Issues relating to the ecology and its protection.
  • Issues concerning freedom of movement and including migratory rules and regulations.

Current Activities
IFNA is currently pursuing a project to send students to pursue their tertiary education in Malaysian Institutions of Higher Learning.The object of this project is to encourage more students to take up tertiary studies in Malaysia that has been recognized as an excellent education hub in the South East Asian region.

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