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Understanding Us

IFNA was founded in January 2004 on the soil of Tajikistan as a tribute to one of the republic's most revered educationist; the late Professor Nabijon Abdullaev. During his lifetime, he inspired the people of his country, in particular the younger generation, to model their lives towards achieving academic excellence, and including the preservation and enrichment of the republic's national heritage of its fine arts and culture. His enormous contribution to his people and the country in the areas of education, arts and culture has led to the creation of IFNA, a charitable foundation that aims to perpetuate the aspirations of the late Professor Nabijon Abdullaev.

IFNA's primary objective is to develop an awareness among the people of the republic to achieve excellence in a specialized field of education, arts or culture, by way of setting enhancement activities and programs that will make them achieve their desired outcomes, and hopefully, they will in turn be useful and productive citizens of the country.

IFNA's objectives in the field of education is enumerated below:

  • Working with the republic's education establishment; to encourage the development of education that is reputable and in conformity with the demands of a modern society.
  • To promote greater awareness among the younger generation on the importance of education in the pursuance of a better future, not only for themselves but for the nation as well.
  • To render assistance to prospective students who have been selected to further their tertiary studies at foreign institutions of higher learning, with the view enriching their educational outlook and perspectives.
  • To help promote specific educational programmes in the area of arts and culture, so as to ensure the continued preservation of the aforesaid programmes for the future generation.
  • To seek to develop a student’s exchange programme with students from foreign universities.
  • To help promote research programmes between local and foreign universities.

IFNA's secondary objective is to inculcate good social, cultural and moral values that are central in the daily lives of the people, and the continued preservation of such values, particularly among the current younger generation and their generation to come.

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