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Educational Recognition


Why Malaysia?

Malaysia has been of special choice to IFNA, as a location for higher studies for students of the republic for the following reasons:

  • Good infrastructure, safe and conducive environment for studies.
  • Excellent twinning programmes with reputable foreign universities.
  • Wide range courses of studies that is matured and ever evolving.
  • English language as the medium of instruction is being widely used.
  • Low education fees and low cost of living that is relatively lower to that of Europe or the USA makes studies in Malaysia cost-effective.
  • National Education Policies that is attractive to foreigners.
  • A friendly National Immigration Policy i.e. easy acquisition of study pass/permit for foreigners seeking education in Malaysia.
  • Malaysia being a Muslim country will make it easier for IFNA to conclude collaborative ventures in specialized Islamic studies with local universities.
  • IFNA is assured of quality education programmes of international standard, and the dynamic nature of Malaysia as a developing nation will nurture student’s mental outlook, creativity and innovativeness.
  • The geographical location in which Malaysia is situated secures the country from the hazards of natural disaster.


Malaysia offers a wide range of study options that are more cost-friendly than other countries in the world. With strong support from the Government of Malaysia and qualifications from world-renowned unversity partners, the nation's education arena today ensures students can reap maximum benefits for their future career path. Below are a compilation of resources that may be useful when considering Malaysia as your preferred education destination.

Fields of Study Available in Malaysia
The country's fields of study are essentially divided intofour sectors, namely Art, Science, Art & Science and Technical. Click here to find out more.
Available Preferred Choices of Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Malaysia
Use this list to see what are the preferred choices of PHEIs that foreign graduates are recommending to others.
Foreign University Branch Campus in Malaysia
Malaysia is more than just an education hub providing courses tailored to satisfy the local market's needs and expectations. It also offers foreign tertiary qualifications that students can pursue locally with the establishment of university branch campuses from United Kingdom and Australia. Learn what are the foreign campuses currently operating in the country.
3+0 Status Private Colleges and Their Overseas University-Partners
3+0 degree concept was introduced to enable students to complete their final year of a forign degree programme in Malaysia without having to go to the off-shore host university. Find out the list of private colleges that conduct foreign university degree programme in its entirety, thus making the cost of study and living more affordable for you.
Private Universities in Malaysia
Private universities in Malaysia are owned and established by financially sound corporations headed by renowned Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). These PHEIs are invited and granted university status by the Minister of Higher Education, empowered under the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996. They can confer the award of Bachelor degrees and other higher qualifications. These private universities provide an alternative choice for students to acquire first degree and higher degree qualifications at a competitive education cost.
University-College Status
The University-College status is conferred by Ministry of Education Malaysia to qualifying colleges which fulfill the high expectations in producing industry-relevant graduates. These private colleges are invited by the ministry to upgrade to the University-College status and are authorised to offer its own degree programmes which are recognised by its worldwide university partners.
National Accreditation Board of Malaysia (LAN)
Learn why LAN is important when making decision in your choices of Malaysian PHEIs.


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